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Pros and Cons of Hiring Over the Holidays


Is the holiday season a good time to recruit and hire new staff? The verdict is still out on that question. While some people support the idea of a holiday hiring freeze, others believe it is purely a myth. The truth is there are both advantages and disadvantages to end-of-year hiring. 

What Are the Pros of Holiday Hiring?

Proponents of hiring over the holidays believe it is a smart move for several different reasons.

Motivated Job Candidates

When a job seeker is looking over the holidays, that is a good sign that he or she is dedicated to finding a new position and assigns it a higher priority than drinking eggnog. Highly motivated candidates will not wait until the end of the year, when the holidays are over, to find the next great opportunity. Employers want that kind of focus and commitment in their job applicants. It is an indication that a prospective employee is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. 

Less Competition For Top Talent

While other companies subscribe to the holiday hiring freeze theory and put recruitment on hold until after the end of the year, you face less competition for attention from candidates on job boards. By the time these other companies restart their efforts to find top talent in January, you could already be onboarding new personnel, with all your positions filled by motivated candidates. 

Excellent Time For Referrals

The holidays are a time for catching up with family and friends, and your employees are likely no exception. While they are busy reconnecting, ask them to recommend qualified family, friends, or colleagues for open positions you are looking to fill. You can offer incentives to help keep the matter fresh in their minds. Referrals could be a great source of candidates for your open jobs.

What Are the Cons of Hiring Over the Holidays?

Some people agree that the holidays are not a good time for recruiting and hiring new employees. Reasons for supporting the holiday hiring freeze include the following.

Busy Time of Year

The holidays are the busiest season of the year for many companies. Some freeze hiring until January to save time and money. Onboarding new employees can be more complicated with holiday vacations and year-end deadlines to meet.

Fewer Applicants For Jobs

One reason to freeze hiring over the holidays is that many qualified candidates are temporarily out of the job pool at that time. They may be on vacation with family or friends, or they may ease active job-seeking efforts during the holidays because they believe the positions are not available. Fewer qualified workers apply for positions during the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, so you have fewer qualified candidates to choose from.

Whether you ramp up your recruitment efforts over the holidays or put a freeze on hiring until January, excellent employee benefits can help you attract the top talent your company needs. Our agent can help you create or upgrade your benefits package to help you bring the best workers into your company. 

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