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Group Vision Insurance

Young woman getting fitted with new glasses.

As part of a comprehensive employee benefits package, group vision insurance offered along with health and dental insurance can enhance the value of your benefits package and help you attract and retain the top talent your company needs.

Why Offer Group Vision Insurance?

Millions of Americans, have vision care needs that can affect their overall health and productivity. Regular vision care can treat existing problems, and it can also contribute to the early detection and prevention of other serious health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Types of Group Vision Coverage

Our team at Reese Insurance Group can help you determine the best type of vision coverage for your employees.

The most common type of group vision coverage is a PPO type plan with co-pays and deductibles for visits, frames and/or lenses, providing flexibility and lower out-of-pocket expenses within an established network of vision providers. Often, they also include a scheduled max cost for certain types of frames, lenses, and contacts.

Some companies have a schedule vision plan offering with no deductibles, copays, or networks, freedom to choose your own provider, and discounts for using certain select providers.

Cost of Group Vision Insurance

Vision coverage costs vary, depending on where your business is located, the number of employees eligible, and how the program is designed. The Reese Insurance Group Team will help you design and implement a group vision plan that meets the needs of you and your employees.

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